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Teen Paid Survey Panels

Whilst most paid survey panels require you to be over 18, some panels accept younger members and others offer youth panels. Below are some of the most active.

Choose from US panels, UK panels and International panels

Before joining any of the programs, consider getting yourself a separate e-mail address. Many companies offer free services, so you don't need to rely on hotmail with their junk mail problems. My own personal recommendation is GMX (Global Mail Exchange), used by more than 11 million Internet users, which offers 5 GB e-mail storage and attachments up to 50MB and mailboxes which are protected from spam with seven anti-spam modules.

I'd also recommend you download a copy of Roboform. This free software can be used for auto-filling registration forms greatly simplifying the application process for the survey companies you'll be joining. In addition it can also remember all the passwords for each of the sites you join. Find out more from Roboform.


US Teen Panels



MyThoughtCounts makes finding the right survey easier for you. Simply answer a few profiling questions to match to one of their hundreds of surveys, then share your opinion to earn your rewards.

Open to residents of US and Canada age 13+.


Global Test Market

GlobalTestMarket has a very active survey division and requires participants worldwide over the age of 14. The views of those under 14 may be sought but the invitation will go to the parent for the child to complete.

You earn "marketpoints" each time you respond to a survey request - the closer you fit the demographics for the survey, the higher the points earned but you'll usually earn 5 points even if you don't qualify at all. A typical survey of up to 20 minutes to complete will earn 50 to 100 MarketPoints. You can also earn extra points when you refer others. Each point is worth $0.05 and you need 1000 points to qualify for payment by cheque.

They seem to be fairly active. I'm receiving at least 2 or 3 surveys every week at present. For full details and registration form, visit GlobalTestMarket

  Valued Opinions

Whilst not aimed specifically at teens, Valued Opinions accepts members from the age of 16. As a member of Valued Opinions you will be invited to participate in various surveys matching your current interests. For each survey you complete, you will receive a reward, typically between $2 and $5 and up to $50 for specialist surveys

Once your account reaches $10 you will be able to redeem your reward in the form of a gift certificate. Alternatively you can donate your rewards to a participating charity.

Open to US residents over 16.

UPDATE - Valued Opinions have just launched a new youth survey panel and are looking for male participants between the ages of 13 and 24. Join here.


Toluna is slightly different from other survey sites I've come across in that you don't have to rely on getting invitations for completing surveys, but have several other ways of earning points or getting free items.

  • Sign Up: 500 points (Awarded for advanced registration)
  • Content popularity bonuses
  • Write an opinion: 100 points (must be over 80 words, limited to 5,000 points per month).
  • Sponsored Polls: 15 - 150 Points,depending on number of questions
  • Personal interest surveys: 300 points per survey. A onetime bonus of 2,000 point bonus will be awarded upon completion of all questionnaires
  • Online surveys: 1,000 - 20,000 points (depends on survey length)
  • Invite a friend: 500 points (awarded if invited friend completes advanced registration)

You can either exchange your points for cash or use them to buy tickets in the monthly lottery.

Also open to Canadian Residents.

No mention of age restrictions on their site. They appear to accept anyone over the age of 13


TeensEyes.com is an online survey panel of teens between 13 and 18. TeensEyes surveys reward teens for telling the companies that make products and services for them how they look through teens' eyes. From time to time they may also invite the parents or guardians of members to participate in surveys so they can learn what parents and teens see eye-to-eye on, and what they see differently.

They aim to send every member of the TeensEyes panel at least one survey invitation a month.

Most TeensEyes surveys are a mixture of questions that are answered by choosing between multiple-choice answers and questions that ask you to answer in your own words. Surveys usually include pictures of products, and often include audio or video as well.

Every time you participates in a survey, you'll earn points. Points are worth 1¢ each, and participation in most surveys will involve anywhere from several hundred to a few thousand points; the equivalent of $2 to $20, although some may be worth more and some less and sometimes they run sweepstakes with prizes instead of points. Whenever you've accumulated more than 1000 points, you can request a check for cash.

TeensEyes is open to anyone between the ages of 13 and 18 who lives in the U.S.

  Amp Surveys

AMP Teen Panels need US residents between the ages of 13 and 25 to help them shape the future. AmpSurveys.com is a product of Ampario, a wholly owned subsidiary of OTX Research, a Top 25 Market Research firm and the industry leader in online market research.

Share Your opinion to win your choice from a Nintendo Wii, Apple iPhone, Sony Blu-ray or Beauty package from Sephora and ShopBop. Join the panel and you'll get exclusive invites for new contests and opinion polls.

  NPD Teen Panel

Join the NPD Teen Panel and every time you complete a survey you are automatically entered into the sweepstakes associated with that study

NPD have recently launched a new sweepstakes program called SweepLand where panelists earn points for completing eligible surveys. Each point is worth one entry into your choice of a variety of exciting sweepstakes. At times, there may be a cash award for completing surveys.

Open to US residents between 13 and 17 years old.



Choozz has been created to canvas opinion among 13-35 year old Americans. You may be asked to give your opinions on products that aren't on the market yet, like games or handhelds, issues such as piracy and online communities and games, TV shows and movies. Every time you take a survey, you qualify to play an Instant Win Game with thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. If you win, you will receive details immediately to redeem your prize. Some surveys also offer cash awards for completing the survey.

UK panel also available

  Rewarded Opinions

Run by The iD Factor, Rewarded Opinions is an online community that rewards Americans for taking part in online research. Respondents can receive between $1 and $75 for participating in research ranging from polls, questionnaires or online focus groups.

Sign up to the panel is very simple and you can start earning rewards the moment you activate your account. Each point is worth 1 cent, so completing a survey for 50 credit points will reward you with 50 cents. Once you have reached 2000 credit points, you are able to cash your points in for actual cash.

Open to US residents aged 13 and above.

  Hit Predictor

With Hitpredictor (formerly PromoSquad) you get points by rating songs in the jukebox, participating in a poll, find a hot new band… they all get you certain amounts of points that you can then cash in for prizes, and entries into the weekly cash drawing! Know an unsigned band? You could earn extra points or even a $1000 finders fee!

Open to anyone over the age of 13, but only US residents can exchange their points for prizes.

 Cada Cabeza


CadaCabeza is a new US survey site for Hispanic US residents. Complete survey and earn points, exchangeable for cash; 1000 points are worth $20. In most cases, a survey is worth 100-200 points, but the precise number will always be written at the top of each study. You can earn extra points recommending friends.

Open to Spanish speaking Hispanic US residents 6 years of age or older. Site is available in both Spanish and English.

Cada Cabeza es un lugar donde miembros apasionados y activos de la comunidad latina ayudan a darle forma al futuro del mercado estadounidense a través de encuestas en línea. Es un lugar para discutir y hacer que nuestra voz se escuche, para extender la innovación hacia la comunidad de habla hispana, así como para aprender y obtener acceso a la información sobre las cosas que nos interesan. Lo más importante es que Cada Cabeza es una comunidad viva y está conformada por cabezas como tú en todo el país. Compartimos intereses comunes, disfrutamos al compartir nuestras opiniones y completar encuestas de investigación. Discutimos acerca de los productos más nuevos y los asuntos que afectan a nuestro mundo. Y lo mejor de todo, la inscripción es gratis y entre más participes puedes obtener recompensas.

Usted ganará puntos cada vez que conteste una encuesta. En la mayoría de los casos, una encuesta vale de 100 a 200 puntos, pero el número preciso siempre estará escrito en la parte superior de cada estudio. Por cada 1,000 puntos que recolecte, recibirá un cheque de $20 dólares. Ganarás 100 puntos una vez que tu amigo o amiga se una al comunidad y complete su primer encuesta.

Debes tener al menos 6 años para unirte a Cada Cabeza y vives en los Estados Unidos.

  Kids Panel

KidsPanel.com is a market research panel that will reward you with cash and prizes for helping leading companies develop new products and advertisements.

As a member of KidsPanel.com, you will be presented with new concepts before they are available to the general public. Through online surveys, you will provide input into how the products should be designed, developed and marketed. Each time you participate in a KidsPanel.com project, you will be paid in cash or entered into a drawing to win a great prize.

Children of all ages accepted, but parental consent is required. Surveys can be sent direct to the child or via parent's e-mail account.

 That Said

ThatSaid is an online community where people share their opinions via polls, reviews, and surveys. ThatSaid is driven by user generated content and is the ideal platform to share and gather opinions about any topic.

Clams are awarded to ThatSaid members for participating in surveys. When you sign up for ThatSaid and complete your profile, they'll reward you with some Clams. Then with each survey you complete, you'll receive more Clams. You can earn between 45 and 200 Clams per survey depending on its length and complexity.

You can redeem Clams for chances in the Instant Win game, tickets in the monthly Sweepstakes, donations to charities, or to buy stuff in the shop

Open to US residents 13 years of age or older.


Kidzeyes.com is for kids to say what's on their minds; and get free stuff for doing it. With each survey they complete, they'll earn KidzPoints, which can be traded in for cash. Most surveys are worth between 50 and 1000 points ($10). Additionally for every survey they complete they automatically get one entry into the Annual Member Sweepstakes with the chance to win a Sony PlayStation 2 or other great prizes.

KidzEyes is open to any child between the ages of 6 and 14 who lives in the U.S. Kidz must have access to the Internet, and their parents or guardians must fill out the sign-up survey and give their permission first. Several kids from the same household may join, if they want to and their parents approve and fill out sign-up surveys for them. Parents or guardians of kids 6-14 can also join KidzEyes.

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