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Whilst paid surveys are no longer restricted to U.S. residents; they are probably the only ones to have a realistic chance of earning a full time income for completing surveys and other market research work. The companies listed on this page are mainly looking for U.S. residents only so don't forget to also check the US and Canada page and the international page for more sites to visit.

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  Your Free Surveys

When you join YourFreeSurveys you'll get $4 just for registering and can earn up to $50 for taking online Surveys.

  Rewards Gateway

Rewards Gateway offers users special incentives to participate in their surveys, including a 42" Plasma TV, , an iPod Photo, and your rent paid, up to $1500. .

  Product Test Panel

ProductTestPanel.com was founded in 2004 to develop a consumer group dedicated to testing new products and offerings. Right now, members across the country are testing everything from digital cameras and software to waffle irons and vacuum cleaners.

Membership is free and you will never be required to pay for test products. As a new member, you are guaranteed to receive at least three products to review within your first 90 days of membership. All they ask is that you complete a short user survey and the products are yours to keep free of charge.


MindsPay is an internet site that compensates its members to test out products, services and give feedback on those tested. MindsPay organizes the information needed from several advertisers and wraps it to show to the public. From your answers, MindsPay will separate the opinions from members and report back to the advertisers

After registration, you will be shown a list of available surveys. Simply choose the surveys you’re interested in taking. Surveys take anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes to complete. Plus, when they receive new surveys, MindsPay will then send invitations or PaidMails, out to members who may qualify for that study.

MindsPay processes payments by PayPal in multiples of $50 USD on the 15th and last day of every month. For example, if your balance is $59.03, you will receive a payment of $50 USD. If your balance is $109.03, you will receive a payment of $100 USD. In both examples, the remaining $9.03 will remain in your account and count towards a future payment. All payments are sent in multiples of $50 Refer your friends to MindsPay and earn 20% of their survey earnings for the life of the account.

Open to U.S. residents 18 years of age or older

PLEASE NOTE: You should only use Internet Explorer i.e. IE to complete surveys.

  Q & A Research

Q & A Research studies cover a wide range of topics from financial software to cleaning products. Study formats include one-on-one interviews, group discussions, telephone surveys and online/web surveys. All projects offer an honorarium for your time, ranging from $30 - $250.


Cafe Regulars at SurveyCafe who complete surveys are invited to choose a gourmet food product from the menu of Just Desserts. These include Ben & Jerry's ice cream, maple syrup, Green Mountain Coffee and King Arthur All-American Fudge Brownie mix or Traditional Chocolate Chip Cookie mix. Surveys ranging from 10 to 30 minutes in length.


Sign up with BeginSurvey and get paid. Unlike most online survey companies, they actively seek out participants from a wider range including recruitment through more traditional means (telephone, mail, mall-intercept, door-to-door, etc.) and even those without online access who are able to visit the local offices.


Join TheNetPanel Survey Panel and be rewarded for your opinions. Complete the short online survey and upon completion you'll be entered for a chance to win a Plasma TV or $2500 cash. Voice your opinion and receive additional contest entries each time you complete a survey.

  Internet Surveys of American Opinion

The Internet Surveys of American Opinion research project, based at the California Institute of Technology, is focused on developing internet-based survey research methodologies.

Once you have registered, they will email you in the future and ask you to complete short surveys about your opinions on political, social, and economic questions. Respondents who participate in these surveys in many cases will receive some form of gratuity. These gratuities will range from small cash payments, to charitable donations, to other forms of gratuity, as their research budget permits.

  Athena Research

Athena Research conducts focus group discussion panels on a wide variety of consumer and business topics. These panels serve strictly as opinion forums. Each Discussion Panel consists of eight to ten participants who share their opinions and ideas with a professional moderator. Refreshments are always served. A Cash Honorarium ranging from $50 to $150 is provided for each person's participation.

Topics for consumer discussion panels may include children's toys, leisure activities, music, home electronics, or new television shows. They always need new respondents and fresh ideas. Based in Riverside, CA.

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