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Complete Surveys in America

Whilst paid surveys are no longer restricted to U.S. residents; they are probably the only ones to have a realistic chance of earning a full time income for completing surveys and other market research work. The companies listed on this page are mainly looking for U.S. residents only so don't forget to also check the US and Canada page and the international page for more sites to visit.

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Opinion Square offers you the chance to earn OpinionRewards Points (exchangeable for a wide range of gifts, gift certificates and charity donations) or entries into sweepstakes worth up to $10,000.


MobileXpression is a new market research panel designed to understand the trends and behaviors of people using the mobile Internet. Are the most popular sites on the Internet also the most popular sites on the mobile Internet? Where are people surfing to and what mobile applications are they using? These are the kinds of questions MobileXpression can answer.

In order to participate in this research community, members install software on their mobile phones or devices. The research software monitors the community member’s mobile Internet activity, allowing MobileXpression to develop an understanding of how they use the Internet on their mobile phones. They never monitor any phone calls, only online activity. In addition, MobileXpression may occasionally invite its members to participate in online or phone-based surveys that are designed to help companies understand their attitudes and interests regarding their mobile device activity. Participation in these surveys is optional.

Join MobileXpression today and you can win a $5 Amazon gift card, a Garmin nuvi 350 GPS Navigator, a Panasonic Plasma HDTV or one of many other exciting prizes in the MobileXpression Instant Rewards Game. Everyone wins a prize!

Members are eligible to participate in the "Your Opinion Matters" sweepstakes and win a chance at the Grand Prize of $100,000. One winner will be chosen each month who will win $100 and will have the chance to win $2500, $5000, or even $100,000. Once you’ve joined, you can refer family and friends to join MobileXpression and receive additional entries into the Grand Prize drawings.

To find out if you qualify to join our research community, simply answer a few questions about your mobile device. If you’re eligible to join MobileXpression, you’ll be asked to provide additional information about you and your mobile device as well as download our research software onto your phone.

Also available to UK smartphone owners


Choozz has been created to canvas opinion among 13-35 year old Americans. You may be asked to give your opinions on products that aren't on the market yet, like games or handhelds, issues such as piracy and online communities and games, TV shows and movies. Every time you take a survey, you qualify to play an Instant Win Game with thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. If you win, you will receive details immediately to redeem your prize. Some surveys also offer cash awards for completing the survey.

UK panel also available

  Hit Predictor

With Hit Predictor (formerly Promosquad) you get points by rating songs in the jukebox, participating in a poll, find a hot new band… they all get you certain amounts of points that you can then cash in for prizes, and entries into the weekly cash drawing! Know an unsigned band? You could earn extra points or even a $1000 finders fee!

  UCR eLab panel

UCR eLab, the world’s leading university research lab dedicated to the study of online consumer behavior. The eLab founders moved from Vanderbilt to UC Riverside several years ago and are in the process of building up the UCR eLab consumer panel.

The University of California is looking for people to participate a few times a year in their innovative online experiments and surveys about how people behave in the digital world. All their projects are academic research conducted by eLab faculty and graduate students at U.C. Riverside. Panelists have the opportunity to win cash prizes for their participation. The studies are fun and interesting.


Every time you complete a survey through OnlineSurveys.com - including the initial sign up survey - you are automatically entered to win a prize. Most surveys offer cash prizes; other prizes may include electronics such as 3Com Palm Pilots or digital cameras, large value gift certificates etc. Occasionally, a survey will offer a cash incentive to everyone who answers it!

There is also a New Member Prize - 2 prizes of $250 each - Four times a year

  Digital Research

Digital Research As panel members, you and the other members of your household will have the opportunity to participate in opinion polls and product tests. All of our research projects involve participation incentives. Usually, you will be entered into a sweepstakes, offering prizes that consist of cash or merchandise. On other occasions, you may receive valuable coupons for your participation. USA only

  Kids Panel

KidsPanel.com is a market research panel that will reward you with cash and prizes for helping leading companies develop new products and advertisements.

As a member of KidsPanel.com, you will be presented with new concepts before they are available to the general public. Through online surveys, you will provide input into how the products should be designed, developed and marketed. Each time you participate in a KidsPanel.com project, you will be paid in cash or entered into a drawing to win a great prize.

  Savitz Research Panel

Sign up to the Savitz Research Panel and take part in focus groups and other research studies. Telephone and online surveys available.

Earn $50 - $300 for your participation.


Consumerviews invites you to provide your opinions about products and services that you use every day. They will contact you periodically and ask if you are interested in completing a questionnaire. When you complete a questionnaire you will receive a payment or a gift - typically, participants will receive a check for $5.00 or perhaps coupons worth $5 or more on the client's products. In some situations, participants may receive larger payments.

You will probably not complete a questionnaire more than two times per year.


Claim free samples from StartSampling and earn "Frequent Tryer Miles", exchangeable for gifts, for providing feedback and completing surveys.

  Clarion Research

Join the web panel at Clarion Research and when you qualify for online surveys you are generally compensated with cash, product incentives or service incentives.

  Bellwether Surveys

Become a member of the Bellwether Surveys Panel and get a chance to win a variety of prizes. All qualified entrants will have a chance to win one of the prizes as described in the survey invitation. The number and value of prizes vary for each survey or membership drive. Some surveys also offer cash rewards.

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