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Complete Surveys in The U.K.

No longer restricted to U.S. residents; now U.K residents can get paid for completing surveys and other market research work. The companies listed on this page are mainly looking for U.K residents only so don't forget to also check the international page for more sites to visit.

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  Mars Panel

When you join Mars Panel you have the chance to trial new products in the Mars product range or give you opinion of existing products. Generally you are either sent a product to test (eg a box of Celebrations) or a voucher to purchase the item in question from a local shop. You then answer a few questions and will then also receive "a little thank you" - usually a voucher for a pound or two to spend on any Mars products.


When you join PanelWizard, it does not matter how the questions are asked (by telephone or e-mail), you always receive 5 pence per question. The questions are rarely long or hard but if a question requires more effort from you, you will receive a bonus. Payment is made twice a year by cheque. If you would rather give your earnings to charity, PanelWizard has selected 4 charities for you to choose from: Cancer Research UK, RSPCA, Oxfam and NSPCC.


  SWIFT:INSIGHT Consumer Panel

As a member of the SWIFT:INSIGHT Consumer Panel you will be sent FREE products to test and will be asked for your opinion on the products, how they can be improved, what you would change etc. You and your family can enjoy using these safe and reliable products from the comfort of your own home. All the products sent to you are produced by major manufacturers, have been rigorously tested for safety.

From time to time you may be asked to give your opinion of a new, or potential product by reading a textual description or looking at pictures rather than physically testing products. Many of the surveys you are invited to complete will be worth a number of points (typically between 5 and 15 points). The current exchange rate is: 5 points = 1 with payout at just 5.

Open to UK residents over 16 and English speaking Spanish residents.


As a Headbox member you can get involved in lots of projects where you get paid (from 6 to 25 per hour depending on the task) for sharing ideas, thoughts and opinions on a whole range of stuff from fashion to finance, banking to beer, travel to technology and much, much more.

Alternatively as a Headbox Advocate, you can sign up for part time work such as promotional work, product testing and product seeding. Rewards include:

  • Cash
  • Amazon or seetickets vouchers
  • Free products and gadgets
  • Express your views on TV
  • Influence the debate with your research findings

You begin earning the second you start filling your name in! Fill in the registration form and they'll credit you instantly with 2. Then, once you've sent the form and completed a short questionnaire sent to you by email, you'll earn a further 8! It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Headbox members come from different backgrounds and are typically between 16-25, a vibrant mix of individuals who represent today's youth market. Members get involved in a wide range of exciting projects with the media, brands, social researchers and other organisations.

 Online Opinions


OnlineOpinions is a new UK panel paying 1 for every 5 minute survey and every person you refer. Unlike most survey panels you don't need to provide any personal details (other than e-mail address) when you register and only need to give your address when you qualify for a payout.

The application form asks for an invitation code but you should be able to sign up without one.

 Opinion Health

Register with Opinion Health and take part in online surveys on everything from health and wellbeing to diabetes and asthma management. The more surveys you complete, the more points you earn - you'll even receive points just for registering.

Rewards can be redeemed in cash when members have accumulated 25 worth of points, or can be donated to a UK health charity through Justgiving.

  Indiefield Consumer Directory

Indiefield, The Independent Fieldwork Company,know that sometimes bad ideas look great on paper. The only way to spot the flaws is to talk to the people who actually use them in real life (that's you) so this is your chance to talk to the people who can actually do something about it. Not only will they listen - they'll reward you for it too, eg 45-80 for 1-2 hour focus group participation.

When you login, you will be taken to your own "My Indiefield" section. Here you are able to tell them about yourself and to select your preferred way of being contacted. You will also see a list of current projects. If you are interested in any of them, you can apply on-line to take part.

  Sky News Panel

The Sky News Panel is an online research group, developed in partnership with eDigitalResearch. Formed in December 2003, the panel lets members express their opinions on a wide range of subjects. To date, previous survey subjects have included air safety, the decriminalisation of cannabis, Valentine's Day and the findings of the Hutton Inquiry.

Their aim is to offer you interesting surveys that you will find fun and rewarding. The Sky News Panel is an opportunity to have your opinion, contribute to a topical debate, and make your feelings known. Where possible, or where surveys are longer than usual, they try to offer an incentive eg vouchers for shopping online, or cash prizes.

  The Expert Panel

The Expert Panel, from Nunwood, is looking for panel members to take part in activities and give feedback and also to have the opportunity to meet other people while earning some money, paid by cheque.

Some of the activities you could be asked to take part in any over the next few months include:
  • Focus groups
  • Face to face interviews
  • Telephone interviews
  • Product testing
  • Packaging research
  • Shelf tests
  • Online questionnaires
  • Online blogging
  • Diary tasks
  • Accompanied shops
  • Accompanied Web Surfs

Different tasks will take place in different places; some of these you will be able to do from the comfort of your own home, whereas other tasks will require you to come along to a venue in your local area.

  Inside The Box

Inside The Box

Inside The Box is a tv panel operated by BrainJuicer which offers rewards or incentives in return for completing surveys on your tv habits. The reward could be entry into a prize draw, vouchers or cash.

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