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No longer restricted to U.S. residents; now U.K residents can get paid for completing surveys and other market research work. The companies listed on this page are mainly looking for U.K residents only so don't forget to also check the international page for more sites to visit.

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 Market Agent

Market Agent is open to participants over the age of 14. For every completed questionnaire your account will be credited with a reward in the form of Marketpoints. The amount ovaries from survey to survey and depends on the kind of survey and length of the questionnaire.

These Marketpoints which can be exchanged for cash via Paypal or Skrill, voucher from Amazon or Zalando, or you can donate them to one of several featured charities.

 Tribe Village

When you join Tribe Village you can express your views not only through our surveys, but also by taking part in quick polls. You could also be invited to an online discussion forums where you’ll have the chance to interact with other Tribe members and earn rewards while doing so.

ALthough points will vary, you can typically expect to earn around 25 points for every 5 minutes of a survey. For example my last two were 125 points for a 28 minute survey and 25 points for 5 minutes. When your balance reaches 500 points (£5) you can exchange your points for a £5 Amazon voucher. 

  Paid Viewpoint

Paid Viewpoint is one of my favourite panels in that they never screen you out once you've been invited into a survey. Not only that but when surveys are sent by email you get a bonus for completing within the first 3 hours, assuming you're quick enough and the survey is still open. I earned double on my last one just for responding quickly.

Cash-out is only $15 USD through paypal or from a choice of over 50 UK gift vouchers, and many more international vouchers too


Answerpoints is a division of independently owned Aurora Market Research. Most of their research is online so they'll send emails inviting you to complete a survey. From time to time they also conduct telephone and postal surveys,

You can exchange 500 points for a £5 Amazon.co.uk Gift Voucher or a £5 donation to Macmillan Cancer Support. Alternatively, for 50 points you could be in with the chance of winning a prize in the quarterly prize draws. This quarter's prize is a £250 Marks and Spencer Gift Card

  Opinion Panel

Opinion Panel was set up to represent the views of unversity applicants and students in Higher Education but has now expanded to cover the views of people between the ages of 13 and 30

Surveys pay an average of 150 points each, increasing to 500 points for longer surveys and considerably more for face to face interviews and online discussion groups

You get 1000 points (worth £10) just for signing up and can cash out at £25 choosing froma huge range of shopping vouchers

 People For Research

People For Research offer a wide range of paid research studies: Paid market research and usability testing – Website testing, game testing, app testing, focus groups, one to one interviews and more. Just provide feedback on products and services and get paid for your opinions.

If you're interested in remote sessions you'll need a good internet connection, generally a minimum upload speed of 2-3 mbs and a minimum download speed of 20mbs.

You can find out more about current and past opportunities at https://www.peopleforresearch.co.uk/opportunities/ Generally you will need to check back regularly as they don't send e-mails when projects are released

 Power of Opinions

Power of Opinions from Connecting The Dots are regarded as one of the best online market research organisations in the UK, and are certainly one of my favourites with very frequent invitations. I generally get one or two requests daily which are usually under 5 minutes each

You can take part in surveys and online or face-to-face focus groups and once you have earned 1,000 (£10), 2,000(£20) or 5,000 (£50) Power Points, you can request to redeem your points for cash via Paypal or gift vouchers, currently Amazon or Love2Shop. Depending on the length of a survey, you can earn anything from 15p to £500 per survey. Focus group incentives start from £25 and also include prize draws.

 Prolific Academic

Prolific is completely different from any of the other panels featured on this site. Rather than market research, the surveys you complete form part of academic research and as such are likely to be more about your own thoughts, experiences and ethics. They are of course completely confidential and anonymous. Anything you say cannot personally identify you

Easily one of the best overall earning opportunities, averaging well over £1 a survey and usually quite short. To take full advantage you'll need to visit regularly as studies get snapped up very quickly. You'll only get an e-mail when they have very specific requirements

Multiple members of a household can sign up but only one person will be able to complete a particular study. You can't both/all participate in the same study but can complete different assignments

You can request payout through Paypal whenever your balance is over £5

 Street Bees

Streetbees is not your standard survey panel. There is no website, or email invitations. Instead you download an app, both Android and Apple are available, and share moments of your everyday life - and get paid up to £5 each time you do it.

From hobbies, to what you snack on, to the technology you use - they want to know what you're up to.

Take a look at the stories (surveys) available to you and select the one you want to complete. Completing a story usually takes between 2-5 minutes, involving anything from quick opinion polls to fun photo and video responses. Depending on the story you could get paid up to £5 or be entered into a prize draw. Payment is sent straight to your PayPal account

If you are asked for a referral code when registering, use 7710EJ


With myvoice.co.uk you can earn points by completing short surveys oon such topics as food or electronics, to TV Shows or how often you access the internet on your mobile.

Filling out a survey usually takes 10-15 minutes, but there are also cases when you will be invited to longer ones.

You can currently cash out through Paypal, Amazon or Skrill

 Creative Kitchen

Creative Kitchen is is an exclusive online community comprised of food and drink enthusiasts willing to share their views, opinions and experiences on a whole range of food and drink ideas and is easily my favourite survey panel at the moment.

You'll be asked to share your opinions about all things important in food & drink, including views on ideas, products, packs, brands and shopping experiences. Expect to receive regular invitations to complete surveys or series of surveys on a theme for which you'll earn points. You also earn points for quick polls nd joining in discussions.

Unusually you cannot exchange these points for cash or vouchers. Instead you use them to enter the monthly prize draws with 100 points getting you a draw entry, which on first impressions would seem to be a disadvantage. However they have so many prizes, Amazon vouchers beween £10 and £100, every month that it's surprisngly easy to win. I won 4 times last year, and only joined in April.

In addition they have more in depth surveys, which are similar to focus groups in that they have to be completed on a particular day with comprehensive comments required, where you are paid a fixed amount. Usually paying £20, I have taken part in a 7 day project with 1 task each day for 7 days. The tasks included written discussions, video blogs and drawing, and each task took up to 30 minutes to complete. For that one I was paid £100

If you're lucky you may also get invited to product trials


With Opinium there's no messing with points. Survey invitations tell you how much in cash you'll be paid, how long the survey will take to complete and the closing date (may be earlier if sufficient responses received). You can cash out at £25 in cash (bank transfer) or Amazon vouchers or opt for a charitable donation. Anyone aged 18 or over and resident of the UK can become a member of the Opinium Panel.  

This is one of my favourite panels. I get invitations most days and regularly cash out.

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