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Top 10 Survey Sites

Whilst the number of survey requests you receive will depend on where you live and other personal details, the following sites have consistently sent regular assignments.

Before joining any of the programs, consider getting yourself a separate e-mail address. I'd personally recommend gmail but there are many others you can try.

I'd also recommend you download a copy of Roboform. This free software can be used for auto-filling registration forms greatly simplifying the application process for the survey companies you'll be joining. In addition it can also remember all the passwords for each of the sites you join. Find out more from Roboform.



Right now Swagbucks is right at the top of my list. There are so many ways to earn from this site, without spending any money, with loads of bonuses to boost income further. There are several different survey categories with surveys being added continually during the day so expect to qualify for at least 1 or 2 ever day. In addition you'll earn extra points for such activities as watching videos, listening to music, searching and playing games. I regularly earn 50 a month from this site just from my own activities but US members and those who are willing to refer others can expect to earn considerably more.

Payment options include Paypal, gift certificates including Amazon and Amazon UK, a catalogue of gift items and prize draw entries. The site is currently operating in USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Ireland


GlobalTestMarket has a very active survey division and requires participants worldwide over the age of 14. The views of those under 14 may be sought but the invitation will go to the parent for the child to complete.

You earn "marketpoints" each time you respond to a survey request - the closer you fit the demographics for the survey, the higher the points earned but you'll always earn 2 or 3 even if you don't qualify at all. A typical survey of 30 questions that takes approximately 12 minutes to complete will earn 60 to 80 MarketPoints. You can also earn extra points when you refer others. Each point is worth $0.05 and you need 1000 points to qualify for payment by cheque.

They seem to be fairly active. I'm receiving at least 2 or 3 surveys every week at present.

Currently actively recruiting in the following countries:

Whilst not actively recruiting elsewhere, it is still available worldwide so everyone else should visit GlobalTestMarket International


Toluna (formerly Test& Vote) is slightly different from other survey sites I've come across in that you don't have to rely on getting invitations for completing surveys, but have several other ways of earning points or getting free items.

  • Registration earns you 1,500 points
  • Quick votes, each time you take part earns you 15 points (there are always loads of these on the site so visit regularly. They take a matter of seconds to complete.)
  • Product testing, registering for each trial earns you 75 points even if you're not selected to take part
  • Surveys earn you between 3,000 and 30,000 points
  • Referring a friend, for each person who joins Toluna because of you, you will earn 500 points
  • Subject panels - complete these to get 500 points per subject.
Points may vary from country to country.

You can either exchange your points for vouchers (cash in USA and Canada) or use them to buy tickets in the monthly lottery where you could win cash prizes.

Visit testandvote to get further details and register.

Available in the following countries:

  Palm Research

Click here

Palm Research
Join the Palm Research panel and get paid to take surveys, participate in focus groups or test and review different products and services on the internet. You are entered into a $50,000 drawing for every survey taken and can take a survey every day.

In addition to specific higher paying surveys, every day they send you e-mails inviting you to 2 surveys paying $1 each and from my experience I tend to qualify for at least one of these most days so $20 a month from this site alone is easily achievable.

Open to residents of the following countries:


IPSOS Interactive Services is one of the world's leading market research agencies. By joining the iSay research panel, you'll earn points that can be exchanged for High Street vouchers. One of the more active panels - I receive survey requests most weeks from this agency. They are also one of the best for sending out new products to test. Your rewards can build up surprisingly quickly. I recently looked at my account and was delighted to discover I'd built up a balance of points worth 60 which was prompty converted to Amazon vouchers.

Available to UK residents over 18 plus US and Canadian residents.

 American Consumer Opinion

Contrary to appearances suggested by the name, American Consumer Opinion is made up of consumers worldwide who have agreed to participate in surveys over the Internet. Occasionally, these consumers are asked to participate in mail surveys or telephone surveys, but generally the surveys are all conducted over the Internet.

As a panel member, you will participate in several surveys a year, typically. The average survey will take 10 minutes or so to complete, and the questions are usually easy to answer.

Panel members can expect to receive a "screener" (a short questionnaire) every six weeks or so.

All registered members participate in a monthly drawing to win $250 in cash awards, just for being a member.

If you answer a screener (a short questionnaire), you will be entered into a drawing for cash awards and when you participate in a survey (a longer questionnaire), you will always receive some type of incentive in the form of a free product to test, cash, a check, or a gift.

Incentives typically range in value from $4 to $25, per survey, depending upon the length of the questionnaire and the time it takes to complete it. If a survey is extra long, then the award could be $25 or more. Participants in online focus groups generally receive more than $25.

I've received many payments from this company



Survey Savvy pay $3 cash for completed surveys and also earn from referring friends - $2 for survey completed by your referrals, and $1 by their referrals.

What is particularly good about this company for non US residents especially, is that you can request payment at any time (no minimum), let the cash accumulate if you wish to save on bank charges, or even make the checks payable to somebody else if you wish to make a dollar payment.

New promotion for US members: Earn up to $60 for enabling digital tracking on your internet connected devices. Installing the Savvy Connect app on your computer will keep you informed of the latest surveys and they sometimes have specific engagements and surveys for only members with SavvyConnect installed and active.

 Pinecone Research

PineCone Research doesn't allow you to sign up directly through their site but do occasionally place banner ads around the Internet from time to time inviting new members. This is one of my favourite panels so I'd strongly recommend grabbing the chance whenever you find a banner. If there isn't one above, check back regularly.

Once a member, you can expect to be called upon to answer a survey at least once or twice a month, for which you rarely appear to get screened out. You are usually paid $3 in the USA and 3 in the UK for each one. In addition, several surveys then offer you the chance to test new products, and you're then sent a full size product to try out. I've received full size cleaning products, drinks, chips, confectionery, sauces and more.

Currently recruiting in USA only

 Survey Spot

Survey Spot Internet panel allows members to share with researchers their opinions on products, services, or issues of the day. To thank members for their participation, SurveySpot draws $US10,000 in cash awards each month. Panelists receive one entry into the prize pool for each survey they complete.

In addition to being entered into the sweepstakes drawings, some surveys provide individual rewards, usually in the form of cash. Whilst this means you don't get paid for every survey, you do have a good chance of winning. SurveySpot recently awarded one lucky winner $10,000 for a Hawaiian vacation and I've received 2 cash prizes from past surveys!

USA only

  Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions, pay you for every survey that you complete, with the value of the reward varying from a few cents for taking part in a text poll, to $100 or local equivalent for attending a focus group. When your account balance reaches the threshold for your country (eg 10 in the UK), you can exchange it for a gift voucher for one of a range of well-known high street and Internet shops or a charitable donation. I receive several surveys ever week from this company, earning enough for a payout nearly every month as well as test products.

Currently recruiting in the following countries: Australia, United Kingdom, USA

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