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Complete Surveys in Europe

No longer restricted to U.S. residents; now European residents can get paid for completing surveys and other market research work. The companies listed on this page are mainly looking for residents of various European countries only so don't forget to also check the international page for more sites to visit. UK residents should visit the UK page

Before joining any of the programs, consider getting yourself a separate e-mail address. Many companies offer free services, including gmail and hotmail so there are plenty to choose from.

I'd also recommend you download a copy of Roboform. This free software can be used for auto-filling registration forms greatly simplifying the application process for the survey companies you'll be joining. In addition it can also remember all the passwords for each of the sites you join. Find out more from Roboform.

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Toluna (formerly Test& Vote) is slightly different from other survey sites I've come across in that you don't have to rely on getting invitations for completing surveys, but have several other ways of earning points or getting free items.

  • Registration earns you 1,500 points
  • Quick votes, each time you take part earns you 15 points (there are always loads of these on the site so visit regularly. They take a matter of seconds to complete.)
  • Product testing, registering for each trial earns you 75 points even if you're not selected to take part
  • Surveys earn you between 3,000 and 30,000 points
  • Referring a friend, for each person who joins Toluna because of you, you will earn 500 points
  • Subject panels - complete these to get 500 points per subject.
Points may vary from country to country.

You can either exchange your points for vouchers (cash in USA and Canada) or use them to buy tickets in the monthly lottery where you could win cash prizes.

Visit toluna to get further details and register.

Available in the following countries:


GlobalTestMarket has a very active survey division and requires participants worldwide over the age of 14. The views of those under 14 may be sought but the invitation will go to the parent for the child to complete.

You earn "marketpoints" each time you respond to a survey request - the closer you fit the demographics for the survey, the higher the points earned but you'll always earn 2 or 3 even if you don't qualify at all. A typical survey of 30 questions that takes approximately 12 minutes to complete will earn 60 to 80 MarketPoints. You can also earn extra points when you refer others. Each point is worth $0.05 and you need 1000 points to qualify for payment by cheque.

They seem to be fairly active. I'm receiving at least 2 or 3 surveys every week at present.

Currently actively recruiting in the following countries:


IPSOS Interactive Services is one of the world's leading market research agencies. By joining the iSay research panel, you'll earn points that can be exchanged for High Street vouchers. One of the more active panels - I receive survey requests most weeks from this agency. They are also one of the best for sending out new products to test. Your rewards can build up surprisingly quickly. I recently looked at my account and was delighted to discover I'd built up a balance of points worth £60 which was prompty converted to Amazon vouchers.

Available to UK residents over 18 plus Sweden, USA and Canadian residents.


KNOTs is a little different from most of the survey sites listed. Not only is KNOTs available in much of Europe, but you also have the choice of taking your awards in vouchers from any of the countries participating, so if you're planning to holiday in Europe or have friends or family abroad you can opt for vouchers from the appropriate country. Currently KNOTs Club is operating in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands so providing you're over 16 years old and live in one of these countries you qualify.


consumer-opinion.com need consumers for online surveys on the internet and product tests. The amount of remuneration is generally related to the length of the questionnaire and although most surveys take about ten to fifteen minutes, some take just one or two minutes. Cash out at just 10 euros, direct to your bank account.

Panel currently only open in UK and Germany.


As a member of the OpinionBar research panel you will assess websites by different criteria, once every 3-6 months. Testing a website is carried out interactively: you perform various tasks and answer a number of questions - usually multiple choice questions only. You receive points each time you participate in a survey, which can be exchanged for money, varying from 1 to 10 Euro a time. Payment of your earnings can either be transferred into your bank account or you can give the money to a charity of your choice.

Members required from UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Poland.


in your opinion

"myiyo (in your opinion)" is an international community of consumers operated by mo’web research, an international online research agency, based in Düsseldorf and London. The amount you earn varies depending on duration and complexity of the survey but typically, you can expect to earn anything between €1 and €10 for completing a survey. payable at €20 through Paypal. As a member you also participate in the monthly prize draw with the chance to win one of many cash prizes or even the annual Jackpot of €10000. Prizes currently on offer are a monthly first prize of €500 and 5 second place prizes of €50.

You can request a payout of the points collected at myiyo once you have at least 20,000 points (one Euro equals 1,000 points). The value of the points in the local currency of the user`s country is determined by the current Euro exchange-rate with the local currency. Payment is made exclusively via PayPal except for users in South Africa and Russia, which can optionally choose to receive their money via bank transfer.

Recruiting in most of Europe, the site is available in Deutsch, English, Français, Español, Português, Italiano, Polski, Russian, Türkçe


Trend Scan - Available in Germany, UK, France, Czech Republic, Poland and Spain. Take part in their interviews to accumulate TrendChips for every question answered. Once you have 300 TrendChips (£ 9) in your account, you may exchange them for vouchers from their shopping partners eg Amazon. See the site for current partners.

 Other Survey Sites

Trendbox Netherlands

Testraum- German research site paying cash to complete surveys, eg 6 euros for a 30 minute survey.

Bonopolis - German speaking countries. Get rewarded for completing surveys and cash out at 15 euros.

Onquest - German site. Available in German and English. Receive incentives, based on the length of the interview for interviews and evaluations. Appears to be international.

Netsonda - Pioneer in online panels for market research in Portugal and Spain, Netsonda holds the largest national online panel with over 150.000 consumers in Portugal and 175.000 consumers in Spain. Besides Spain and Portugal, Netsonda also operates online panels in Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde. Netsonda also belongs to an international network with access to more than 7 million consumers in over 50 countries.

AQ Services International are looking for assessors worldwide to carry out mystery shopping assignments, either in person or by telephone. The amount paid varies greatly. It may be anywhere between $15.00 for a short visit to $400.00 for assignments that take the whole day. Operates through Europe but site appears to offer only English, Norweigan and Asian languages.

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