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No longer restricted to U.S. residents; now European residents can get paid for completing surveys and other market research work. The companies listed on this page are mainly looking for residents of various European countries. UK residents should visit the UK page

Before joining any of the programs, consider getting yourself a separate e-mail address. Many companies offer free services, including gmail and hotmail so there are plenty to choose from.

I'd also recommend you download a copy of Roboform. This free software can be used for auto-filling registration forms greatly simplifying the application process for the survey companies you'll be joining. In addition it can also remember all the passwords for each of the sites you join. Find out more from Roboform.

Recruitment campaigns can close without notice. Wherever possible the links below will redirect to an open panel if this occurs.

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Netsonda - Pioneer in online panels for market research in Portugal, Netsonda holds the largest national online panel with over 150.000 consumers in Portugal

Myiyo was founded in 2004 and has now grown into a large community of millions of people worldwide. During this time, At myiyo you can voice your opinion and help companies improve their products. As a thank you for your time and effort, we reward you with money for each successful participation in a survey. The amount of the reward depends on the type and duration of the survey. Longer surveys are usually better paid.


Trend Scan - Available in Germany, UK, France, Czech Republic, Poland and Spain. Take part in their interviews to accumulate TrendChips for every question answered. Once you have 300 TrendChips (£ 9) in your account, you may exchange them for vouchers from their shopping partners eg Amazon. See the site for current partners.

Testraum- German research site paying cash to complete surveys, eg 6 euros for a 30 minute survey.

Bonopolis - German speaking countries. Get rewarded for completing surveys and cash out at 15 euros.

Konkret Marktforschung - German site. Available in German and English. Receive incentives, based on the length of the interview for interviews and evaluations. Appears to be international.

AQ Services International are looking for assessors worldwide to carry out mystery shopping assignments, either in person or by telephone. The amount paid varies greatly. It may be anywhere between $15.00 for a short visit to $400.00 for assignments that take the whole day. Operates through Europe but site appears to offer only English, Norweigan and Asian languages.

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