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Complete Surveys in Australia

No longer restricted to U.S. residents; now Australian residents can get paid for completing surveys and other market research work. The companies listed on this page are mainly looking for Australian residents only so don't forget to also check the international page for more sites to visit.

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  Your Opinion

When you join Your Opinion you will be rewarded for each survey that you successfully complete. The reward that you will receive and the approximate length of the survey will always be displayed in the email inviting you to participate in the survey. Survey credits can be redeemed for Cash via Paypal, Gift cards including iTunes, XBox, Cinema tickets, Coles, Woolworths and many more or you can make charity donations to Australian Red Cross, Starlight Children's Foundation Australia and Cancer Council Australia.

Additionally,Simply by participating in quick polls, surveys and forums you have the chance to win $1,000 and other prizes in The YourOpinion Quarterly Prize Draw.

You must be at least 14 years old and resident in Australia to join YourOpinion.

  Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is for you if you have less time available for completing surveys as information is collected automatically

Open to Australian residents over 18, you simply need to download a small app onto your PC or Mobile Device. This download only takes a few minutes and will not slow down or affect your computer's performance. You must keep the app installed for a minimum of 14 days to earn and can expect to earn around $50 per year just by keeping it installed,

The Nielsen app collects data about the websites you visit, how long you stay on those sites, the time of day you visit and your general online activity and internet usage. Other than general demographics that you provide when registering, the data collected is completely anonymous. Nielsen is one of the oldest companies in the market research industry, operating for over 90 years.

  Pure Profile

Pureprofile have been around since 2000, paying in cash direct to your bank account or via Paypal, rather than vouchers or prizes, for every survey you complete. If you get screened out you can choose between getting a small payment into your account or entry into the monthly prize draw. This month the prize is $500

The minimum cash redemption is $25 or if you’re redeeming your earnings for a Pureprofile Rewards Card, the minimum you can redeem is $20.

They also run periodic promotions. Currently if you start at least 6 paid surveys before April 15 you’ll go straight into a draw to win AU$250


  Nielsen Broadband Panel

When you register with the Nielsen Broadband Panel you can help determine the status of broadband service performance across Australia. By using the internet as you do every day you can earn redeemable rewards points.

You will be sent a device (with instructions) to connect to your router. It is non invasive and doesn't slow down any of your household devices. You will then need to download an app to your PC/mobile in order to have your internet consumption monitored. Phone verification will be required.

Expect to earn $30 in your first month and a minimum of $2.50 monthly thereafter as well as the chance to win 1000 AUD in their monthly raffles

  SaySo Surveys

At SaySo Rewards you can have your say on the latest products and services, while doing some good, too. With every survey that you complete they will make a donation to their charity partners, and help combat world hunger.

You have the opportunity to complete a new survey once per day. Open to Australian and New Zealand residents


Rewardia offers you the chance to earn points by playing games, watching videos, voting on polls, completing online surveys etc which you can then redeem for cash or gift cards of major retailers

In the games collection there's something for everyone. Challenge yourself with a brain-bending sudoku puzzle or trivia quiz, relax with a scratch card or a spinning wheel game for more rewards or stay alert with a test-your-attention game

You can also earn points by shopping online or by referring friends. You will earn 10% of your friend’s earnings on purchases, Surveys and Games for life. That means if your friend earns 1000 points, you will get 100 points.

Also open to New Zealand residents

  iSurvey World

When you become part of the iSurvey World community, you will be able to take surveys about products and services you use and get paid cash, via Paypal for every one you complete.

  Stable Soapbox

Stable Soapbox is a dynamic community where members’ opinions on a wide variety of subjects are sought through market research surveys and face-to-face interviews. You have the chance to earn cash & rewards, win prizes, attend free special events, and enter competitions.

The value of the reward depends upon the complexity of the group or interview and the length of time needed etc. This can range from $30.00 to $250.00 per hour for discussion groups.

Online surveys will earn you points which are credited to your account immediately after completing a survey. The amount of points will vary depending on the time to complete as well as the depth of knowledge required. Each survey invites tells you how many points you will earn. You can redeem your points at any time once you reach the minimum balance of $10.00. The range of vouchers currently includes such brands as iTunes, Coles, Dominos, David Jones, Woolworths, Vodafone and XBox Live

Anyone permanently living in Australia aged 16 and over is eligible to join.


Octopus Group claim to offer the highest payout in the industry with a stated payout rate of $0.28/min ($16.80 an hour) with most surveys earning you around $4-$8.

They also have one of the best refer a friend programs around. For every friend you refer, you’ll get $1initially and $1 for every survey your friend completes, up to a total of $20 per friend.

Payment is made by direct deposit into your bank account, or you can choose discounted gift card (get a $20 gift card for $19)

To be a member of Octopus Group, you must be an Australian or New Zealand resident aged 15 and over. If you are under the age of 18 you must obtain your parent's or legal guardian's consent before you register as a member. You must have access to an Australian mobile telephone number (for AU members) or New Zealand mobile telephone number (for NZ members) to register as a member of Octopus Group.


SpiderMetrix claims to be taking the survey world by storm and they are based in Melbourne. Become a spider, earn spiderPoints, and redeem them for cash, gift certificates, or merchandise from their gift shop. Available worldwide.

  IRI Shopper Panel

When you join the IRI Shopper Panel you can earn reward points simply by scanning every product you buy. The shopping information they collect from you will help to influence manufacturer and retailer decisions.

You will be given a handheld scanner or access to Scan n Go app so you can scan your purchases each week and record information about your shopping trips such as where you shopped and how much you paid. Just use the scanner or Scan n Go to scan the barcodes on all the products you or others in your household purchased during a shopping trip. You will also be able to send information on non-barcoded items that you purchased, such as fruits and vegetables, meats, baked goods, petrol, prescriptions, etc. Performing these tasks weekly will earn you bigger rewards. Occasionally you will receive a survey about a product you purchased

You will be rewarded weekly points as soon as they start receiving your scans. Scan for 6 weeks in a row and they’ll award you enough points to redeem a $20 eGift Card. For each week you participate on the panel, you are awarded reward points which can be redeemed for a wide variety of gift cards or merchandise from the gift catalogue. Panel participation also earns you automatic entries into a variety of monthly prize draws, where you can win gift cards by regularly scanning your shopping. You will also receive newsletters filled with articles, feedback from members, tips and easy competitions where you can win great prizes and earn extra bonus points.

  Ekas Panel

Ekas Panel has three research panels you could be eligible to join:

Select Opinion Leaders is open to anyone in Australia or New Zealand aged 16 or older. The research can be on any topic relevant to your life, such as services and products you use, or new and emerging brands.They also conduct product tests and taste tests.

Medical Opinion Leaders is open to anyone working in the healthcare sector in Australia or New Zealand. This includes GPs, specialists, nurses, hospital admin managers and support staff, pharmacists and pharmacy assistants, dentists, alternative medicine practitioners, vets, optometrists, lab technicians and more.

Apple a Day is their health research panel for patients, service users and health-conscious people in Australia and New Zealand. If you’re living with any form of health concern or you care for someone with a health condition, infection or disease, then this panel is for you. This paid health research ranges from common health conditions such as wearing contact lenses/glasses and allergies right through to serious conditions such as hepatitis and cancer. They’re also looking for people who regularly take vitamins or supplements.

  Alta Research

Alta Research need participants from Sydney, Wollongong, Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne areas for discussion groups and Product Tests. Focus Groups are run in an informal setting, last for about 1.5 hrs & people are pay cash for attending (normally between $70 and $150).

More Australian Survey Sites

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