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Survey Opportunities in Asia

No longer restricted to U.S. residents; now people worldwide can get paid for completing surveys and other market research work. The companies listed on this page are mainly looking for residents from various parts of Asia. Please note that being included on a panel does not guarantee a company will have regular surveys to fit all demographics.

Before joining any of the programs, consider getting yourself a separate e-mail address. My own personal recommendation is gmail, but there are many to choose from.

I'd also recommend you download a copy of Roboform. This free software can be used for auto-filling registration forms greatly simplifying the application process for the survey companies you'll be joining. In addition it can also remember all the passwords for each of the sites you join. Find out more from Roboform.

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 All of Asia

The following panels are open throughout Asia, although some countries will be more active than others. For country specific panels, see the boxes below

Take Surveys - Get Rewards

Survey Savvy pay $3 cash for completed surveys and also earn from referring friends - $2 for every survey completed by your referrals, and $1 by their referrals. As you can refer people from anywhere in the world you can still generate a good income just by refering people.

What is particularly good about this company for non US residents especially, is that you can request payment at any time (no minimum), let the cash accumulate if you wish to save on bank charges, or even make the checks payable to somebody else if you wish to make a dollar payment.

Right now Swagbucks is right at the top of my list. There are so many ways to earn from this site, without spending any money, with loads of bonuses to boost income further. There are several different survey categories with surveys being added continually during the day so expect to qualify for at least 1 or 2 ever day.

Payment options include Paypal and a range of country specific gift certificates and prize draw entries. The site is currently operating in most countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia and parts of Africa. For other countries, register your email and they'll let you know when they go live.



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